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We look forward to helping you reach your goals..


Begin your plain language learning journey by understanding the real meaning of and the process of clear communication.

Plain Language Basics 
Audience Awareness
Plain Language Writing and Editing

$275 CA each
Special 15% discount refund when you sign up for all three. Open Registration.

Our Advanced courses are designed to meet the growing demand for specialized. knowledge: legal, health, online content; science, technical, design, and strategic planning.

$299-$400 CAD plus, some in USD

​​​Strategy and Planning

Implementing Plain Language as a Strategic Priority

Plain Language Project Leadership

Focus on Feedback

The ISO Plain Language Standard in Organizations (coming in September)

Connecting with Citizens and other Stakeholders
Plain Language 2.0 and Health Literacy (Also in Spanish)

Editing for Plainer Technical Writing

Online Content and Digital Design

Creating Clear E-content

Clear Design​ Practices


Editing for Plainer Legal Writing 

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