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Spring energy in motion

May 29, 2024

The team is full of energy and our students will benefit. New instructors, new topics, new events are coming.

ISO: The new Plain Language Standard (ISO) is leading our profession into a era of agreed upon guidelines for plain language writing, editing and design. Based on creating content the readers want, we design it for easy navigation, in clear words, assisting in usability. The standard is global, used in many languages and benefits individuals, organizations and clients. It's a win-win.

Check our Courses page for upcoming options.

Government Communicators
Our team has first-hand experience in the challenges government communicators face. They have pooled their knowledge, skills and experience to create a new course aimed at helping you connect better with clients.

The course Connecting with Clients and Stakeholders, lead my Nicole Watkins Campbell, begins in September. Reserve your place now.

New associations, courses on accessibility and multi-cultural audiences, and a special Academies' AI Summit are in the works. Check back here or sign up for our newsletter.

We believe in choices
Feb 2024

You can choose from plain language basics, profession-specific, and organization-focused courses to put energy into your projects, whether small or large. With the focus on the new plain language standard (ISO), audiences and accessibility, and AI technologies, it is an exciting time to be learning and applying clear communications to your writing, for your audiences, and in your organizations. 


Check out our upcoming courses on 


PLA’s 2024 offerings include innovative courses, talented instructors,and helpful resources to enhance your skills and knowledge.


How to successfully integrate plain language into your organization


We know that having key decision-makers and leaders behind your plain language initiative will help it achieve goals and be successful. We have the course to help you map out your plan and get to your destination in great shape. 


The Plain Language Institute’s Sarah Slabbert and Nadja Green, South Africa, recently offered a well-attended free webinar about their successful course “Implementing Plain Language as a Strategic Priority”. Past students from around the globe shared stories of how the course helped them with initiatives. 


Contact instructors Sarah or Nadja for details of next course.


Let’s work together to achieve accessibility 


We are passionate about accessibility. Writers and designers must commit to audience accessibility to meet plain language guidelines. Communication is clear when language, structure, and design work in harmony to help the reader easily find what they need, understand it, and use it.


Our Clear Digital Design course, with Annie and Liezl from, is a brilliant way to put the pieces of the puzzle together. You do not have to be a designer, just keen to enhance your skills in creating clear online content that really connects. 

Contact instructors Annie and Liezl about registering.

AI is here! Are you ready?

PLA hosts AI in Plain Language Summit


Romina Marazzato Sparano is leading our autumn AI in Plain Language Summit. Following on from her successful presentation at the PLAIN 2023 conference in Argentina, Romina is taking it and us to the next level. Our team of experts and industry leaders will demonstrate AI innovations and applications for writers, translators, and the curious. More details coming soon. You’ll get access to resources, research and relevant info to help you keep up with this important development in communications. 


Register your interest in being kept up-to-date or sponsoring the Summit by sending an email with Summit Info Please to 


Coming in 2024 

  • The ISO Plain Language Standard: how to make it work in organizations

  • Getting Started with Accessibility​

  • PLA AI Summit

Now Academies web site with links to the others.  If you have questions, ideas, or just want to show support or interest, email 


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